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5 x GINGIVAL BARRIER / GUM DAM 1.5ml each (6gr)

Gum dam is used to protect gums and the soft tissue from chemical agents,

during Laser Teeth Whitening

· Blue gingival protection barrier for dental use

· Easy to use syringe for precision application with a bib

· Cures within seconds and stays in place (Use LED machine lighting about 10-40 seconds)

· Simple post-treatment removal

1. Remove the cap from the syringe (do not discard) and attach the syringe tip to the syringe.
2. Prime the tip by extruding a 1/4-inch line of the material, on a paper pad,

before using to ensure adequate dispensing of the material.
3. Apply a bead of Paint-On Dental Dam on gingival surface surrounding the dentition you want to isolate.
4. Carefully manipulate to form a thin film of Paint-On Dental Dam with the syringe tip or spread it with a sable brush.
5. Clean the syringe tip or brush with organic solvent before

any ambient light causes polymerization. Then, replace the cap.
6. Hold a light tip 1/2-inch (13 mm) away from the Paint-On Dental Dam material.

Light cure, starting with:
5 seconds—Sapphire™ Plasma Arc Curing Light
10 seconds—Allegro High-Intensity LED or the Phase II
High-Speed Halogen Lights
30 seconds—Conventional curing light.

Repeat this procedure until the entire surface is cured.
7. Peel away the Paint-On Dental Dam using a dental tweezers

or similar instrument after you complete your dental procedure



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Gingival Barrier / Gum Dam 1.5ml Pack of 5

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