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50 x Vitamin E Swabs

for Teeth Whitening

Recommended for pre-whitening and post-whitening of your lips and gums

Vitamin E Swabs dramatically resolves tissue bleaching or irritation

that can be caused by overloading the teeth whitening trays.

Also good for post treatment.


·  Hold the vitamin E swab vertical with the red line at the top

·  Gently push the swab through the protective packaging, exposing the top of the swab, red line

·  Snap the red line and pull the cotton from the top

·  Allow the vitamin e to slowly drain to the bottom of the swab, saturating the bottom cotton portion

·  Swab the lower saturated cotton portion to your gums, lips, hands etc.

he vitamin E in the swab helps protect the gums should excess whitening gel be used in the mouth trays.

By placing too much whitening gel into the trays, the extra gel spreads over the gums. This can cause the gums to also be "bleached".

To avoid this - apply the vitamin E over the lips and gums helps reduce this effect.

Vitamin E Swabs dramatically reduces the tissue bleaching or irritation that can be caused by overloading the teeth whitening trays

Allergy advice – This product contains almond oil, and may contain traces of other nuts.

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